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Graffiti removal

No matter what the surface – DYNAJET counteracts graffiti instantly, while being kind to the environment

When removing graffiti, the DYNAJET 350th high-pressure cleaner can really show what it’s made of. Whether it’s harder, less sensitive surfaces such as concrete and steel, or soft, much more sensitive ones, such as natural stone or brick facades, DYNAJET offers the right solution for every surface and every case.


Graffiti is not simply a question of taste: it can attack the structure of buildings and cause damage amounting to millions. So how can unpleasant graffiti be removed economically and, at the same time, in a way that is kind to the environment?


The DYNAJET 350th offers just what you need to get rid of graffiti quickly and cost-effectively: the ideal interplay of pressure, water volume, temperature and suitable accessories means that graffiti is removed rapidly and thoroughly. Often, the power of the water suffices. Only in the case of stubborn graffiti may additional pre-treatment or after-treatment with solvents be necessary.


• Special nozzles for different types of dirt
• Targeted and thorough cleaning with diverse task-specific accessories
• A variable pressure range due to hand-throttle control
• Hot water with a variable temperature makes for higher cleaning efficiency thanks to the integrated high-performance burner
• Quick set-up and disassembly due to the two built-in hose drums
• Maximum movability with the easily manoeuvrable single-axis chassis
• The surrounding area remains virtually splash-free

DYNAJETting with the DYNAJET 350th means, above all, being and remaining independent. Thanks to the integrated tank, the on-site water supply is of little importance. And in cases where 350 bar (5,075 PSI) does not suffice, you can, of course, switch to the more powerful models offering 500 bar (7,250 PSI) or even 800 bar (11,600 PSI). But regardless of what pressure range you, as a cleaning professional, choose, all DYNAJET trailers have a built-in high-performance burner (the larger models even have 2 oil burners) that brings new dimensions to cleaning performance.