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Facade renovation

With DYNAJET, old facades look like new

DYNAJET knows no resistance: whether you need to clean facades or bricks, or remove paint or plaster, with our professional water jetting systems you get perfect results – starting with the removal of organic dirt and by no means ending with the removal of plaster, mortar or pointing. It’s in the precise removal of individual layers of paint and the preparation of surfaces for fresh plaster that DYNAJET shows its potential. DYNAJETting pays off because, with our high-pressure cleaners, surface preparation can be carried out up to six times quicker, and the new plaster adheres securely and durably. And if you use hot water, oil-based coatings, such as dispersion paint, can be removed without effort and without chemicals. DYNAJETting is the fastest, cleanest and most economical way of cleaning facades effectively and efficiently.