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Concrete removal on a large construction site

The DYNAJET UHP 170 demonstrates strength and efficiency during deployment at Ground Zero

At the beginning of February 2008, the Water Technology Section of DYNAJET America shipped a PWT SD170-40 (this US version is identical in construction to the DYNAJET UHP 170) to an American construction company. The unit was required for a large-scale operation at what is probably the most important construction site in the USA: Ground Zero in Manhattan, New York City.


Concrete had to be removed at the construction site for rebuilding the World Trade Center in New York. In large-scale projects of this kind, flexibility, efficiency and precision take centre stage, so that all synchronous site operations can continue to run smoothly.


With the PWT SD170-40, a high-pressure unit was deployed that more than simply meets the requirements of a large construction site when it comes to flexibility, efficiency and precision. With a pressure of 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI) and a water volume of just 18 l/min (4.76 USgal/min), the existing, very hard 984 kg/m² concrete (comparable to a B/C 100, almost the hardest concrete in the world) was efficiently removed from the foundations and pillar construction of the building. Up to 15 cm of concrete had to be removed from the foundations without damaging the reinforcements, so that pneumatic hammers and other devices inevitably failed at this task. With the DYNAJET unit, however, it could be carried out without problem and, due to the use of low-vibration water pressure, small, dangerous vibrations and micro-cracks could be prevented.

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