Cleaning train stations and multi-storey car parks

DYNAJETting – With 500 bar (7,250 PSI), even the most stubborn marks disappear


Two aspects turn multi-storey car park cleaning into a special challenge time after time: the numerous and very different types of dirt, ranging from oil and petrol residue to chewing gum that’s stuck fast, as well as the typical plastic and rubber marks on the floor. The second aspect is that many multi-storey car parks are open right round the clock, which means that car parking operations and pedestrians cannot be disturbed. The situation is similar at train stations. These have to be freed of rubber and graphite marks, as well as other stubborn deposits, at regular intervals, even if normal services continue to run in parallel.


To fulfil these tasks, a water jetting system is needed that’s both effective and efficient. We offer you the DYNAJET 350th, a device in a class of its own: in combination with the special DFS 350 floor cleaning system, the DYNAJET 350th can remove all deposits from floors thoroughly and rapidly. Regardless of what you clean with the DYNAJET 350th, the surrounding area remains relatively splash-free at all times, and the 50 m high-pressure hose can be rolled on to the large built-in drum quickly and easily. So the DYNAJET 350th not only keeps the time cleaning takes to an absolute minimum, it also considerably improves work ergonomics.


• Special nozzles for different types of dirt
• Targeted and thorough floor cleaning with diverse task-specific accessories
• Hot water makes for higher performance
• Quick set-up and disassembly due to the built-in cable drum
• Maximum movability with the easily manoeuvrable single-axis chassis
• The surrounding area remains virtually splash-free

DYNAJETting is so easy: Set up the unit, unroll the hose, go into the multi-storey car park or the train station and off you go! High-pressure cleaning can be as simple as that. The DYNAJET 350th is a highly efficient, diesel-driven high-pressure cleaner with an integrated 300 l (79.36 USgal) water tank (the larger model, DYNAJET 500th, even has a built-in 1,000 l (264.55 USgal) tank). The DYNAJET 350th has enough capacity to work at maximum performance without problem for around 30 minutes. And if you use hot water, its actual cleaning efficiency is more than doubled without a lot of effort. Sophisticated accessories, such as a special chewing gum nozzle or a water-sand-blasting system, save even more time and make for even greater efficiency. The DYNAJET 350th isn’t just restricted to cleaning multi-storey car parks or train stations, however – it’s also ideal for removing graffiti or cleaning various types of pipes. Its compact design and its easily manoeuvrable single-axle chassis mean that this professional cleaner and its unit remain “agile” at all times and can comfortably access all areas, even tight spaces.

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