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Cleaning shuttering

Always a step ahead: With DYNAJET, shuttering is cleaned and restored three times faster

Whether it’s paint splatters, mortar residue, adhesives or silicone grouting, with DYNAJET’s professional high-pressure cleaners, you remove dirt and construction residue from your shuttering three times faster than with conventional methods.

This means that shuttering can be cleaned without problem, quickly and efficiently, immediately after being removed from the structure, using the innovative and compact DYNAJET 350me, for example, with a working pressure of up to 350 bar (5,075 PSI). The shuttering can then be used again straight away, making for optimum results in its impeccably clean condition.

Alternatively, the shuttering can undergo basic cleaning or complete restoration at a builder’s yard once to three times a year. The compact DYNAJET 500me-30 high-pressure cleaner, offering a particularly high flow rate of up to 30 l/minute is ideal for this purpose, while for galvanised shuttering, the DYNAJET 1000me, offering a maximum pressure of up to 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI), guarantees efficient, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning and restoration.

The water pressure, which can be steplessly regulated as with all DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners, and the nozzles, which are specifically tailored to applications of this kind, ensure that the shuttering is not only efficiently cleaned, but also that its surfaces remain smooth and undamaged. It goes without saying that the high-pressure water jet can also remove silicone grouting with particular ease during restoration. So it’s not only the use of hammers, scrapers and sander attachments – which is time-consuming and damages surfaces – that becomes a thing of the past, but also laboriously scratching out the silicone with a knife.


  • Shorter working times
  • No damage to surfaces from hammers, scrapers or sander attachments
  • The value of the shuttering is maintained
  • No costly post-treatment in the case of exposed concrete
  • A positive image on the construction site

Be simply one step ahead of your competitors and use DYNAJET water jetting systems to clean your new shuttering right from the start. Surfaces always remain smooth, meaning that concrete does not adhere as strongly. From the beginning, you’ll save time and money, as only impeccably clean shuttering makes for good and economic results.