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Cleaning ships

DYNAJETting – a deep-sea vessel cleaned and renovated in record time

With five 2,800-bar (40,600-PSI) DYNAJET UHP 170s and a DYNAJET 500th hot-water trailer (500 bar/7,250 PSI), DYNAJET and its dealer Renders & Partner faced a real challenge in Hamburg’s docks.


A deep-sea ship was to be cleaned, stripped of paint and renovated within an exceptionally short time.


Here, DYNAJET was able to demonstrate its high efficiency and cost-effectiveness: the vessel was precisely and completely freed of maritime deposits and encrustations with the DYNAJET 500th. At the same time, the five DYNAJET UHP 170s removed corrosion and stripped paint not only quickly, but also in a way that was gentle on the environment. This meant that an ideal surface could be created for the new anti-corrosion coating to be applied. The shipping company received its vessel “just in time” and in perfect condition for its next assignment on the high seas.