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Cleaning construction machinery and installations

However stubborn the dirt is – with DYNAJET, it’s a thing of the past


Construction machinery is exposed to the most stubborn of dirt: mud, concrete residue, soil, clay, and paint residue are extremely difficult to remove. In addition, dirty components, such as chains, mixing shafts, stirrer vessels or blocked concrete delivery pipes, require more intensive cleaning to guarantee that they function properly and that the machinery enjoys a long service life. In these areas in particular, DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners convince in every respect.


DYNAJET is the ideal partner for all types of construction machinery and installation cleaning. Regardless of the machine you’d like to use to DYNAJET, you can regulate both the pressure and the water volume progressively in line with the amount of dirt to be removed.


DYNAJET adapts to every situation – without compromises. Whether it’s a construction vehicle, a mixing pump, a road finisher or a fresh concrete installation, with our high-pressure cleaners, you’re soon finished and ready for the next job. Where conventional high-pressure cleaners fail, DYNAJET water jetting systems flourish: when you DYNAJET, quick and thorough cleaning is guaranteed.