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Chewing gum removal

Urban surfaces: With DYNAJET, chewing gum doesn’t stand a chance

Chewing gum on pavements is a permanent annoyance and often very difficult to remove. What is more, getting rid of it costs money: German local authorities have to spend an average of up to 15 cents every time they do so. Now’s the right time to rethink and opt for absolute efficiency and cost-effectiveness: with DYNAJET you get both.


Every town is different, but one problem is common to all: chewing gum that’s stuck fast everywhere – in pedestrian precincts, railway stations and at bus stops. In the past, it often had to be removed with scrapers, as is frequently still the case today. However, this is not only extremely manpower-intensive, it’s also much too time-consuming. And, on top of that, the results are not always satisfactory. So what can be done?


The most effective and unbeatably fast way of removing unpleasant chewing gum deposits is offered by the DYNAJET 350th. Thanks to its 350-bar (3,075-PSI) blasting power, even the most stubborn chewing gum can be removed from asphalt within a few seconds. The DYNAJET 350th is a highly efficient, diesel-driven high-pressure cleaner with an integrated 300 l (79.36 USgal) water tank (the larger model, DYNAJET 500th, even has a built-in 1,000 l (264.55 USgal) tank). The DYNAJET 350th has enough capacity to work at maximum performance without problem for around 30 minutes. And if you use hot water, its actual cleaning efficiency is more than doubled without a lot of effort. Sophisticated accessories, such as a special chewing gum nozzle or a water-sand-blasting system, save even more time and make for even greater efficiency. The DYNAJET 350th isn’t just restricted to getting rid of chewing gum, however – it’s also ideal for removing graffiti or cleaning various types of pipes. Its compact design as an easily manoeuvrable single-axle trailer means that this professional cleaner and its unit remain “agile” at all times and can comfortably access all areas, even tight spaces.


• Special nozzles for the removal of chewing gum
• Targeted and thorough floor cleaning with the DFS 350 and DFS 500 floor cleaning systems
• Hot water makes for higher performance
• Quick set-up and disassembly of the trailer due to the built-in hose drum
• Maximum movability with the easily manoeuvrable single-axis chassis
• The surrounding area remains virtually splash-free

DYNAJETting is so easy: First, remove the stubborn chewing gum with the chewing gum nozzle, then clean the floor area thoroughly with the special DFS 350 floor cleaning system. The cleaning efficiency of this system is also considerably increased if hot water (90 °C in temperature) is used. Regardless of what you clean with the DYNAJET 350th, the surrounding area remains relatively splash-free at all times, and the 50 m high-pressure hose can be rolled on to the large built-in drum quickly and easily. So the DYNAJET 350th sets new standards in terms of work ergonomics, too.