DYNAJET UHP 220 2800/27 T mobile w. hoods


DYNAJET UHP 220 2800/27 T mobile w. hoods


The UHP 220 film: Experience the DYNAJET UHP 220 in action!

Welcome to the premium class of DYNAJET! The DYNAJET UHP 220 2800 ultrahigh-pressure cleaner unit, offering a working pressure of up to 2800 bar and a flow rate of 27 l/min, ranks among the most powerful of all the DYNAJET devices and convinces with the highest level of functionality, efficiency and economy. This UHP unit not only fulfils the latest safety and emmisions standards according to Tier 4f but, with its numerous innovations, makes water-jetting more ergonomic, more efficient and more sustainable. Its high power makes this ultrahigh-pressure unit ideal for paint removal, rust removal and concrete removal.



  • Twin-axle chassis for safe driving
  • Four lifting eyes for increased flexibility
  • 4-hood Targa system for safe access to the operating area and motor area
  • Lockable hoods for additional safety
  • Closed base tray/leak tray to protect against dirt
  • Storage area to keep things tidy
  • Suction and pressure connections can also be used when the hood is closes

Drive / Control:

  • Powerful VOLVO industrial diesel motor, specifically designed for the Dynajet UHP 220, for reliable operation
  • Complies with the latest EU exhaust gas standard TIER4 final
  • Integrated spark arrester
  • Large fuel tank for long, autarkic operation
  • Sound insulation to reduce noise levels
  • Integrated compressed air system
  • Dynajet Easy Control II

       - Graphical color display
       - Rapid familiarisation
       - Simple selection of operating mode enables free
         pre-selection of pressure or speed
       - Motor monitor
       - Hour counter for motor and pump
       - 24V system

Water supply:

  • Pre-filter to protect against fuel contamination
  • Water storage tank to compensate for supply fluctuations
  • Fine filter in stainless steel housing for maximum engine protection
  • High pressure pump

       - Low-speed pump to protect against overheating and for a long service life
       - Optimised construction for low fuel consumption and minimized vibrations
       - Carbide plungers for the highest stability and maximum service life
       - Simple valve replacement
       - Power-end cooling system with noise-minimised tooth flanks
       - Pressure oil lubrication

  • Pneumatic unloader valve for soft switching
  • Full lift safety valve: opens if there is overpressure and thus protects operator, device and accessories; work can continue right away once the fault has been eliminated and the device restarted
  • Preservation and frost-protection system for optimum protection






Technical data

Base data
System Cold-water ultrahigh-pressure units
Type Trailer
Pressure class 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI)
Pressure variable Yes
Minimal pressure 800 bar (11,600 PSI)
Minimum flow rate 8.3 l/min (2.20 USgal/min)
Maximum flow rate 27 l/min (7.13 USgal/min)
Pump revolution speed Max. 500 rpm
Hydraulic power 145 kW (200 Hp)
Pump Low-speed ultrahigh-pressure pump with 3 carbide plungers, integrated reduction gear and power-end cooling system
Volume water tank 160 l (42.28 USgal)
Threaded connection
Input port GEKA
Output port 9/16"-18 UNF-LH IT
Drive type Diesel motor
Motor power 160 kW (220 hp)
Motor speed Max. 2100 rpm
Motor type VOLVO 4-cylinder diesel motor, water-cooled, engine capacity 5200 ccm
Power transmission from motor to pump Gearbox
Volume fuel tank Approx. 200 l (52.83 USgal)
Medium Clear water, up to 40 °C (104 °F), min. 1.8 bar (26 PSI) to max. 6 bar (90 PSI) supply pressure
Chassis 2-axle trailer
Weight in kg 2,750.0
Dimensions (L/W/H) 467 x 197 x 218 cm
Dimensions open (L/W/H) 487 x 310 x 254 cm
Article number 1610040W


Scope of delivery (Standard version and standard accessories)

Standard scope of supply:

4-hood targa concept, noise insulation cover, protection/ leakage tray, robust and durable VOLVO four-cylinder diesel engine, power end cooling system, water temperature monitoring, simple to control via the display, total control with pressure-value presetting or option to choose manual engine speed control, three-plunger high-pressure pump with carbide plungers, storage tank with booster pump incl. filter and suction-pressure monitoring system, frost-protections system with storage tank, rotable vice, operating manual


Pipe and container cleaning

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