In addition to its user-friendliness, the special features of the DYNAJET 500th mobile, all-purpose cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaner, offering a working pressure of up to 500 bar (7,250 PSI), are above all its light weight, compact dimensions and high level of performance and safety.



  • Single-axle chassis for easy manoeuvrability
  • Self-supporting and resilient frame design to optimise weight
  • Central lifting eye for optimum transportation to places with difficult accessibility
  • Underride guard for additional safety
  • Electrophoretic dip-painted frame for a high level of protection against corrosion and maximum surface quality
  • Targa design, separating the engine, pump and burner unit from the operating unit for enormous advantages in ergonomics, overall machine safety and noise reduction
  • Shock-resistant plastic hoods for minimum weight on the engine and operator side
  • Industrial gas springs, robust hinges and long-life hood technology for ease of operation


  • Industrial motor complying with the latest exhaust gas standards for a long service life and low running costs
  • Patented burner control without solenoid valves for safe and efficient, as well as instant-stop, operation
  • Operating-hours counter for optimum product costing analyses

Water supply:

  • 25 m Supply hose and 50 m high-pressure hose on resilient, permanently installed drums that make it possible to start work within seconds
  • Washable stainless steel water-filter insert for maximum service life of the pump
  • Large, integrated water tank for independent operation, even where no external water supply is available, and as an additional "buffer" when the water supply is weak
  • Water-tank low-level monitor to protect the high-pressure pump from running dry
  • Booster pump for an optimum supply to the high-pressure pump to minimise wear and costs
  • Low-speed, easy-maintenance 3-plunger pump for maximum service life and low wear costs
  • Stepless pressure adjustment for optimum, application-orientated regulation of pressure and flow rate, as well as minimized noise levels, diesel consumption and wear
  • Hose-pressure drop-down system in bypass operation for maximum safety and comfort
  • Always ready for operation, even in winter, due to simple frost protection system



Technical data

Base data
System Hot- and cold-water high-pressure cleaners
Type Trailer
Pressure class 500 bar (7,250 PSI)
Pressure variable Yes
Minimal pressure 150 bar (2,175 PSI)
Minimum flow rate 14 l/min (3.71 USgal/min)
Maximum flow rate 30 l/min (7.94 USgal/min)
Pump revolution speed Max. 1450 rpm
Hydraulic power 28 kW (38 Hp)
Pump Ceramic triplex plunger
Volume water tank 1,000 l (264.55 USgal)
Temperature Max. 95 °C
Threaded connection
Input port GEKA
Output port M24x1.5 IT
Drive type Diesel motor
Motor power 34 kW (46.2 Hp)
Motor speed Max. 2600 rpm
Motor type Deutz 3-cylinder diesel motor (oil-cooled)
Power transmission from motor to pump Belts
Fuel consumption 10.0 l/h (2.65 USgal/h) (at full load)
Volume fuel tank Approx. 70 l (18.50 USgal)
Medium Clear water, up to 40 °C (104 °F), min. 1.8 bar (26 PSI) to max. 6 bar (90 PSI) supply pressure
Chassis Single-axle trailer with brake
Weight in kg 1,600.0
Dimensions (L/W/H) 371 x 207 x 208 cm
Dimensions open (L/W/H) 398 x 207 x 277 cm
Heating power oil burner/Dynabox Dual oil burner with 2x max. 91 kW (125 Hp)
Volume heating oil tank 105 l (27.73 USgal)
Article number 1490020W


Scope of delivery (Standard version and standard accessories)

Standard scope of supply:

Lifting eye, powerful diesel engine, hand-throttle control, 12 V socket, operating-hours meter, 25 m supply hose mounted on a hose drum, 50 m high-pressure hose (NW 10), 1,000 l (264.55 US gal) water tank with water level gauge and monitoring, hot water system with 2 high performance diesel burners, automatic pressure regulator with hose pressure drop down-system, safety valve, operating manual

Scope of supply:

High-pressure cleaning gun with extension pipe (total length approx. 800 mm), nozzle carrier and 15° flat-jet nozzle, storage box

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