Environmental management

Environmental management and sustainability stand for future viability

DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners work without chemicals, on the basis of natural water only. This is why responsible use of the resource water and sustainable protection of the environment go without saying at DYNAJET.

We take responsibility for products, processes, employees, customers and partners, as well as for the environment and society. All our production and work processes are orientated towards strict environmental criteria – from development to manufacture, right through to repair and maintenance. Our employees are extensively and regularly informed about, trained in, and sensitised to environmental questions. The central goals of our environmental management are economical use of energy and raw materials and a reduction in noise and pollutant emissions.

DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners already work with maximum efficiency and low water consumption today, and fulfil all the legal requirements and high standards regarding noise and pollutant emissions. At the same time, our highly qualified engineers work continuously on further innovative technologies that will make the DYNAJET water jetting systems of tomorrow even quieter, more fuel-efficient and lower in emissions. In this way, we want to create more value for our customers, partners and employees in the future too, and assume our responsibility towards the environment, people and society.